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Shipping Information

Q:What couriers do we use for shipping?
A:We offer EMS (E Packet) delivery service worldwide. Find out about shipping charges after adding items to shopping cart. DHL worldwide service is also available.
Q:Do you have any free shipping offers?
A:Yes, we will ship worldwide for free vis EMS (E Packet) service for orders over $59.99. Delivery time for most countries are 1-2 weeks. Duties may apply to deliveries to your country. Please check with your local customs. In accordance with our terms and conditions, you are responsible for payment of any customs duties, taxes and import charges which the customs in your country may apply to your order.
Q:What are your shipping options?
A:We offer three options for International deliveries: EMS (E Packet) DHL and TNT.
Q:How much will my shipping charge be?
A:The shipping charges are calculated by weight and volume and will be determined at the checkout. However, we ship for free for orders over $59.99.
Q:How long will my delivery take to arrive*?
A:EMS (E Packet) service:
Australia, New Zealand , Korea, Japan, Turkey, UK, Germany, France:1-2 weeks Canada, USA, Russia, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, or other European countries: 1-3 weeks. Israel, South American countries, and other countries: 2-4 weeks. *subject to local custom clearance
Q:Can you track your shipment?
Yes, you may log on to for tracking information.
Q: What if I want to change my address?
A:You can change the address of your order by sending us an email using this form. Alternatively, you can also email us at .
Q:We accept orders all over the world. Shipping Method, Shipping Time。
Shipping Method Shipping Scope Shipping Time
Express Mail Service United States 5-12 Days
Hong Kong SAR
South Korea
United Kingdom
5-15 Days
New zealand
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
8-20 Days
South Africa
Czech Republic
15-25 Days
8-15 Days
15-30 Days
Belarus 6-15 Days
Sri Lanka
3-15 Days
Kazakhstan 7-30 Days
United Arab Emirates
7-20 Days
North America 22-30 Days
South America 18-25 Days
Europe 12-25 Days
Asia 10-20 Days
Africa 25-30 Days
North America 8-25 Days
South America
Europe 7-20 Days
Asia 5-20 Days
Africa 10-20 Days

Cancellations & Returns

Q:How do I cancel my order
A: To cancel your order, please send us an email to with your order details and we'll cancel it promptly.
Q: How do you refund my money
A: Back to source: In this case, the money will be debited back to your account. This typically takes about 5-7 working days.Once you've canceled your order, Tenfu’sTea will process the refund based on your choice mode of refund.
Q:What's your general cancellations policy
A:You can cancel your order; however, shipping charges will be deducted from refund.
Q:I'm not too happy with the tea (or have received the wrong shipment). What do I do now
A:Ensuring that our customers get only the highest quality teas is top priority for us at TenFu’s Tea! However, if you think we've messed up somewhere- with the quality or with quantity or contents of your order, all you need to do is reach out to our customer support by filling up the form on this page or email us at We'll be glad to help you out with the best possible solution, including refunding your money back.


Q:I did not receive my order confirmation e-mail. What do I do now?
A:If you haven't received the order confirmation email in your inbox, you might want to check your spam or trash folder. If you don't find the email in spam or trash box, do not hesitate to write in to us at and one of our agents will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Q: it necessary to have an account to buy?
A:No. You can make the purchase using the Guest Account option. All you need is a valid e-mail id, so that we can mail your order details. But we highly recommend that you get one because you'll be be able to check out faster the next time, see personalized recommendations and receive notifications from us about our deals and offers.
Q:I can't remember my password. What do I do?
A:To recover your password, go to our Forgot Password Page and enter your email id. This should send you an email. Follow the procedure in the email and you should be done in a couple of minutes.


Q: I love samples, how do I get my free samples?
A: Free samples are automatically added to each order. We endeavor to select teas that compliment your purchase.
Q:I received samples but I never asked for those!
A:We know you didn't. But samples are a great way for you to discover many new teas without having to pay any extra money. Also, we'd love to hear your feedback on our sample packs by filling in a product review on the corresponding product's page.
Q:I love this samples. Can I Place on order ?
A:Of course you can! You just need send sample picture to me , We will tell you the product link so that you can buy it .


Q:How do I unsubscribe from your newsletters?
A:We’re really sorry to see you go! To unsubscribe from our newsletters, hit the unsubscribe button on any of our e-mailers.
Q:Can I be assured about the safety of my e-mail address?
A:We take your privacy very, very seriously. We do not share our email database, neither do we buy lists from the market.


Q:What are my payment options?
A:We accept Visa and MasterCard.
Q:How do I use a promo code when ordering?
A:Enter the code in the provided box at the time of Proceed to Payment. The discount will be directly applied to the final receipt. Only one discount code is permitted per individual order.
Q: I'm trying to use the promo code but it says it's invalid. Why?
A: In order for a promotion code to be valid, it must meet both the date and the product requirements. Please double-check the code is not expired and is valid for the products in your tea basket. If you still have any questions, please get in touch with our customer support at
Q:I can’t log into my account and I am desperate for tea. What do I do?
A:That must be very frustrating; let’s resolve this right away. Here are some potential solutions:( 1) Verify that you are typing in the email and password registered to the account. (2) Avoid copying and pasting your email and password into the prompt boxes. Sometimes this adds an extra unseen “space” which causes the system to reject the password. If you cannot remember your password, please select “FORGOT PASSWORD” on the log in page. An email will be sent to your registered account inviting you to reset your password. If you still cannot log into your account, please contact us at and we’ll investigate.


1. Where do your teas come from?
All our teas come from China and we have our own 7 tea factories.
2. What is the difference between Green Tea and Black Tea?
To begin with, nothing at all; both come from the same plant known as Camellia Sinensis. However, it is how the tea leaf is then processed that creates the difference. Black teas are teas that have been fully (or almost fully) oxidized. The oxidation process takes place after the rolling process and lasts for two – four hours before being dried by hot air. During the oxidation (or fermentation) process, the tea is allowed to react with oxygen in the air, and it turns from green to brown. The chemical changes which take place within the leaf during the oxidation process will produce a stronger brew with more flavour. Unlike black tea, green tea is un-oxidised. Japanese green teas are typically steamed. Chinese –style green teas are typically processed with dried heat using an oven-like rotating drum or a large, open cooking vessel similar to a wok. Whichever process is applied, the oxidisation of the leaf is prevented by the high temperature.
3. How much caffeine is in black and green teas?
Black and green teas are produced from the same plant Camellia Sinensis so both green and black teas naturally contain caffeine. The caffeine content will vary from bush to bush but the average is estimated to be 35-70mg per cup. According to the UK Tea & Infusions Association, tea contains about half as much caffeine as instant coffee and a third of filter coffee.
4. Do your teas include artificial flavorings or sweeteners?
Tenfu Tea flavorings contain no artificial sweeteners. Depending on the flavor, the composition may either be natural or artificial. Our herbal infusions are 100% all-natural. We try to use natural ingredients wherever possible. However, some natural ingredients simply do not supply a strong enough flavor except in large doses. Hence there is no practical way to use natural flavoring within our products, which consist almost entirely of natural tea.
5. What is the best way to store tea?
Tea will gradually lose its freshness over time. We advise that the best way to store tea is to keep it inside an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place in order to retain the best flavour possible. Furthermore, keep the tea away from moisture and highly aromatic products such as spices, herbs and coffee.
6. How long does tea stay fresh?
Unlike dry herbs or spices, tea does not ‘go off’ but will lose its flavour and taste stale after a while. If you store tea inside an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place the tea is suitable to be drunk for a few years. However, to experience peak freshness we recommend you to drink the tea within 4 months from the time you first open the package.
7.Which of your teas contain an allergen?
Some of our teas contain allergens,such as Barley Tea, so it is always best to check the ingredients list on the back of each box, foil or tin, or on the product description page for each tea on our website. If you want to know more, or have any questions, please get in touch with our customer support at
8.How do you ensure the safety and quality of your teas?
The quality and safety of all our tea offerings is our mandate, to ensure that you enjoy only the highest quality and safest teas. All of our teas are naturally produced and undergo stringent quality assurance testing for pesticides and microbial contamination from the garden level to the post-harvest facilities, and through the final production processes and handling. What’s more,Tenfu has obtained HACCP Quality Management Certification and ISO22000 Safety Management Certification. Some export grade teas by Tenfu have also qualified for the international organic tea processing certification. Such certificates will act as positive motivations to better quality control going forward.
9.What is the shelf life of your teas?
All teas have labeled shelf life on back of each box.
10. I don’t know how to make the perfect cup of tea! Where can I go to learn?
You can learn on the product description page for each tea on our website.